Dayakara seems to be the only organization in Auroville area which has an ambulance and might help you in the situation when you find an injured dog. Dr. Kumar who lives in Auroville might be your best bet when you need a doctor to help you on the spot. Like everything else in India, a lot will depend on chance and how persistent you are. The following contact information might help you in getting the assistance you need to help an animal in need. If you are looking to volunteer, IACC and Ingrid S are the ones who need your help most!
  • Veterinarians
  • Clinics and Hospitals
  • Organizations and Individuals - check these out if you want to volunteer with people who are helping take care of stray dogs and are doing sterilizations
  • Specialty organizations
  • Transporting an injured animal
    The Unity Transport Service (Ph: 0413-2623586; Mobile: 9047015801) at the Auroville main street (note: they plan to move) transports animals as well, but make  sure you put the animal in a basket or blanket to keep the car clean. They also know where the 24-hour Animal Emergency Hospital is located.
  • SterilizationBefore trying to sterilize or euthanize a dog, you will need to find out whether the dog is a stray or has an owner or someone else who cares for him. Usually when stray dogs in India are sterilized, one of their ear (usually right ear) is is clipped on top or has a notch cut in. Before sterilizing a dog, do check if someone is already doing that in the area so a dog isn’t operated twice.
  • Dr. Kumar (Ph: 09443803092) lives in Auroville. Sterilizes dogs and even does home operations. Really good doctor!
  • Dr. Babu (Ph: 09443803092) is mostly available between 1:00pm and 3:00pm at his pet store located in Kuilapalayam, near Farm Fresh. Does house visits. His assistant, Ramanan (Ph: 09842873272; email:, is very helpful especially in emergencies or when Dr. Babu is not available, and his English is very good and can help you in English-Tamil translation.
  • Dr. Krishnamohan (Ph: 09443284933) does house visits except Sunday.
  • Dr. Arunkumar (Ph: 09791566092) Harshini pet clinic near Pondi Airport. Does house visits between 2pm and 5pm including weekends.
  • Dr. Ravindran (Ph: 09486009348) does house visits only on weekends.
  • Dr. Thiruselvam (Ph: 09843674212) does visits on Sunday and in evenings.
  • Dr. Gawdaman (Ph: 09944189745)
Clinics and Hospitals
  • Dayakara, Auroville (Ph: 0413-2622980,
  • Veterinary Dispensary Govt. Hospital (Ph: 0413-2201328, 2203216) Located near main bus station in Pondi. Mr. Shantamurthy is the top officer (Ph: 09442157876).
  • PetVets (Opposite Hallmark Gift Store, Needarajapaiyer Street, Pondicherry) (Ph: 0412-2623586, 4209279) is a vet shop with two veterinarians. They offer medical care, sterilization, even ultra sound. It is close to the Nilgiris supermarket, which is on Mission Street.
  • Rajiv Gandhi College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Mettupallayam, Puducherry (Ph: 0413-2271671, 2272005)
  • ARK 24 Hour Veterinary Clinic, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai (044-24487779, 044-24915402, 09841811445) 
Organizations and Individuals
  • IACC - looking for volunteers!
    Integrated Animal Care Centre - Shelter for dogs
  • Ingrid S - always looking for volunteers! can provide a place to stay to long term volunteers.
    Lives in Auroville area and looks after 15 stray dogs that she has rescued from time to time. She even has a blind puppy! She gets sterilizations done too. She is not funded by any organization. Call her @ 09843212025 if you can help her or want to volunteer with her.
    Auroville Stray Relief and Animal Welfare is run by Ingrid T and does camps around the villages in and around Auroville area to humanely catch and sterilize stray dogs. 
  • Dayakara (Email: marioncourtine {replace this with AT sign} ) - looking for long term volunteers!
    Non-Auroville shelter for dogs, cats, goats, pigs and they even have a cow! They are located in Auroville area.
  • SACK – Street Animal Care Kits
    - Treating mange, maggot wounds and parasites in street animals,
    - Medical camps for animals in poor villages and tribal communities and offer a
    - SACK for travelers equipping them with the necessary meds to treat animals on the street.  
    - Donate SACKS to local people that feed street animals as a preventive measure.
    - Loves volunteers!

Speciality Organizations